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About Us

Chuck Lapmardo and Paul Woodford, co-founders of Elite Flight Travel, had reached the pinnacle of any pilot’s career when they became airline captains. As the airlines embraced their own economic growth they were increasingly failing at customer service. Packing people into smaller seats, reducing the number of flights and airports served and even outright cancelling flights at the last minute – Chuck and Paul knew there was a better way to fly and a better way to serve their passengers.

We know that flying on a private aircraft is not just for the rich and famous. Private aircraft can range from small air taxis all the way up to luxurious international jets flying in and out of major hubs and the thousands of smaller airports the airlines can’t serve. With the dizzying array of pricing and options, knowing what’s right for your needs can be a challenge..

Elite Flight Jets is a private travel concierge service. Our background in business and flying make us experts at helping you embrace travel on a new level. We will get you to the right airport in the right airplane with the highest level of safety, service and reliability.

Elite Flight Jets was created to provide convenience, comfort and luxury at competitive prices. No more hassles, long lines, inconvenient connections or long drives from the major airports. You will walk from your car straight onto your waiting aircraft. You will be treated to the luxury, comfort and service every traveler deserves and most importantly on your schedule, not someone else’s.

Elite Flight Jets is connected to a worldwide network of private aircraft that can meet your needs. We will listen to you and ensure you get exactly what you want while meeting the highest safety and performance standards. Our goal, quite simply, is to make you love air travel as much as we do and to make your journey at least as much fun as your destination.

Elite Flight Travel is an FAA Certificated Air Carrier: 7EJA393O


Elite Flight Jets is hiring qualified and friendly crews for our bases in Scottsdale, AZ and Carlsbad, CA

Please submit your resume with qualifications to hiring@EFJets.com


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